Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know! Two posts in one day! But I just wanted to catch up...

Since today was Saturday and it is quite at the Mision, Lauren, Steve and I went down to the San Camao market once again to pick up some supplies for projects as well as check out some different kinds of yarn there (besides the super nice alpaca). I love San Cameo. Just walking around with all the bustle and commotion looking at all of the foods, fabric, hats, knick-knacks, you name its, is a whole lot of fun. (Pictures thanks to Lauren) And today it was even more exciting because we are in the season of Carnival before Ash Wednesday. Here there is the great tradition of spraying people with water (and, as we saw at San Cameo, foam stuff) as a way to celebrate. So San Cameo was teeming with little kids running around with squirt guns and aerosol foam cans, spraying each other and passersby.

But it's not just San Cameo - this is going on throughout the city. While walking around, you have to keep an eye out for open windows, kids on roofs, and even combi riders who will flick, spray, or dump water on you. We, amazingly, did not get wet (even though tourists are a favorite target). Over the past week, though, Lauren and I have gotten sprayed a few times while walking the streets from a combi passing by which makes me involuntarily cringe every time a combi cruises by.

And, one last note for today: When in Rome... well, when in Peru, you can't but help eat torta - they are expert cake makers here - tres leches, torron, I don't even know all the names. Umm, so, here's my lunch for today - muy rico!


  1. I'm loving all of the colors and textures and all of the other sensory details.

  2. Have you had guinea pig yet? It sounds like you're having fun! :D love ya!

    ps. i think you still should have brought me.... ):( lol jk