Monday, February 8, 2010

Los colores: our first language

We may not speak the same languages, but Andrea and I understand color. This afternoon, while we worked on some new designs and I watched in amazement as she whipped out the most beautiful sweater, we taught each other the English and Spanish words for different colors. Leaf green - the color of my shirt - I think I motioned with my hand well enough to resemble a leaf while saying "arbor" (Spanish for tree, right?). Then, Maria started singing a children's song used to teach kids English colors: "Azul, blue. Negro, black. Rojo, red..." (Say this in a sing-song voice and cock your head from side to side and you'll get how the song goes.) And we all looked at the book of colors (of different types of alpaca yarns) while I tried to pick out what colors would sell the best in the U.S. I'm looking forward to going to the yarn shop with both of them - it should be a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, this picture is really dark and you can't see the gorgeous azul colored-sweater Dometila is working on or the beautiful day behind her.

Frieda working on a knitting machine.

Beautiful knitting pattern, beautiful colors, just maybe not all together.

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  1. I am loving every minute of this trip, and how lucky they are to have you! What fun to make a new pallette and new ideas with them! Wondering if any of their wares could make their way to Louisville.